Working for Evergreen

At Evergreen Estates, we do not do lip service to our mission statement; we live it. We are a group of professionals who believe we have more than a job to care for senior citizens. We have a vocation to do so. Many of our employees have been at Evergreen Estates for more than ten years, providing a stable staff dedicated to the welfare of the members of our community. Our caring and professional staff is our greatest asset.

Our current open positions include…

Evergreen I

2nd Shift Nurse – Part-time (Tues./Thurs. alternating weeks & every other weekend)

3rd Shift Nurse – Part-time (Mon./Fri. alternating weeks & every other weekend)

1st/3rd Shift Nurse Aide – Part-time (Monday, Friday& every other weekend for 1st shift/Tuesday, Thursday & every other weekend for 3rd shift)

1st Shift Nurse – Full-time

Social Worker – Full-time

Evergreen II

1st Shift Nurse – Full-time

1st Shift Nurse – Part-time (Mondays)

3rd Shift Nurse – Full-time  (3 nights a week – 12.5 hour shifts)

3rd Shift Nurse – Part-time (Fridays)

Evergreen III

2nd Shift Nurse Aide  – Part-time (Every other weekend))

2nd Shift Nurse – Full-time (four days a week plus every other weekend)

APPLICATION: To apply, please fill out our Evergreen Employment Application and return it in person to the address–listed below–for the facility you are applying to. Thank you!