What is Residential Care?
In the state of Iowa, there are four levels of care: Senior Housing, Assisted Living, Residential Care Facilities, and Nursing Facilities (Intermediate Care). Residential care offers greater supervision than assisted living, yet its primary focus is on socialization and an active lifestyle, which is very similar to assisted living. Many states do not differentiate between assisted living and residential care.

How many levels of care does Evergreen Estates offer?
Evergreen Estates offers Senior Housing and Residential Care. When a resident needs a nursing facility, the social worker and administrator work with the family to arrange placement to this higher level of care.

What is respite care?
Respite care offers the same services as residential care, but is generally for a limited period of time. It is most often used by individuals needing assistance for 30 days or less while transitioning from hospital to home or for caregivers going on vacation. The daily rate is slightly higher than the long term rate, but no notice is required for terminating the contract.

What type of contract must I sign?
Our long term contracts ask for two weeks notice should a resident choose to move from our facility. Contracts are signed at the time of admission and semi-annually after that. Rates are guaranteed for the contract period.

Are there deposits or admissions fees?
No, Evergreen Estates does not require any deposit. We do not charge any admission fees or move-in fees.

What is the admission process?
All residents must have a physician complete an admission form and a history/physical form. The physician must be licensed and practicing in Iowa. There may be an assessment process completed by the administrator, nurse, or social worker. The purpose of this is to be certain that our staff can adequately meet the residents’ needs. Once the paperwork is completed, admission can occur immediately. It is not uncommon for residents to be admitted directly from the hospital to our facility. However, many other residents come to our apartments or care centers from home after determining they no longer wish to live alone.

Do you have a medical director or facility doctor?
No, all residents are under the direct care of their private physician. Our residents are still active and on the go. They go to their doctor’s office for appointments. Residents choose their own physicians and dentists.

Can I still drive and keep my car?
Yes, you certainly may. Many residents still drive. However, we remind you to keep your insurance and driver’s license current.

Do you charge extra if I begin to need more help?
No, Evergreen Estates does not. There is one set fee for monthly care in all three facilities. If you need assistance with bathing and dressing, that is simply part of the service you are entitled to. Medication administration is also part of the normal service we provide.

What services are provided in the apartments?
Residents of senior housing are considered independent. Monthly rent is charged similar to any apartment complex. However, if you live in the apartments, you can choose among different services, such as meals, housekeeping and laundry service. These services are offered ala carte and apartment residents can pick and choose only those services they require. Apartment residents are welcome to come up to the care centers and participate in activities of their choosing. There is no charge for participation in these activities.