About Us

Founded in 1987, Evergreen Estates started as and remains a locally owned and operated comprehensive care facility. Our one- and two-bedroom senior apartments offer security and community for elders who wish to retain a sense of independence, while feeling safe and supported in their home environment. Our facilities offer a variety of amenities – from our in-house chapel, to our delicious meals. Evergreen Estates we are proud to offer all the comforts of home to the residents in our care. Families and friends of residents often comment on our cheery and warm décor and the professional and compassionate care of our staff. Experience, trust and quality are the hallmarks of Evergreen Estates. Choosing to live at Evergreen Estates – for yourself or a loved one – is choosing the best care and a safe environment.

Evergreen Estates is locally owned and managed by experienced and caring staff. Decisions are made locally and in the best interests of those whose care we have been entrusted. Evergreen Estates proudly accepts the Elderly Waiver (TITLE XIX) and the HCBS Health and Disability Waiver at all three of our locations. At Evergreen Estates, our professional, skilled staff members are experienced in delivering quality care to our senior residents at all of our facilities. Take a few moments to meet our management team below, then call (319-396-3692) or email us to schedule a visit.

Meet Our Team

Pat Giorgio – President & CEO

Pat Giorgio is the founder of Evergreen Estates, truly a family-run business! She is motivated by her employees and the residents of the three Evergreen locations and has owned Evergreen Estates since 1987 and credits her success to honing her listening skills and paying attention to what’s really important. “Watching our residents develop friendships and listening to them visit with each other is a daily inspiration. We help to create a home for them and watching them minister and care for one another is so rewarding, ” Pat says. However, she also notes that the honesty and frankness of the residents keeps her humble as she recalls a story of overhearing one resident saying, “She’s a little too old for that skirt, don’t you think?” Pat was elected the Chair of the Board of Directors for The National Center for Assisted Living for 2013-2014 term. She was elected after serving as NCAL’s Quality Committee Chair in 2010. In 2009, she received the AHCA/NCAL’s Joe Warner Award.

Matt Giorgio – Administrator at Evergreen Estates I

Matt has worked at Evergreen from the ripe-old age of 14 – handling everything from mowing the lawns to fixing the washing machines. He has learned more than he could ever have imagined about all aspects of the business and life. Matt returned to Evergreen Estates full-time after graduating from Iowa State University and loves being an integral part of the family business. He manages Evergreen Estates I, the main building in the Evergreen Estates campus. Matt’s favorite part of the day is giving and receiving those little smiles and saying hello to all of the caring residents throughout the day.


Pam Guilford – 
Administrator at Evergreen Estates III

Pam grew up on a farm in Monticello and seeking adventure, moved to the New York City/New Jersey area for eight years before settling in Cedar Rapids. In June 2009, she joined Evergreen Estates III as a dietary supervisor but sought more challenges and adventure. She went back to school and earned a degree in Social Services and was promoted to Administrator in January of 2014. “I lost my grandparents when I was fairly young. When I walk into work every day I am surrounded by someone’s grandparents. I spend my week with them. I laugh with them. They greet me in the morning and occasionally when I remind them to use their walker they tell me to mind my own business. My day is still filled with little adventures of the best kind.”

Kathy Ely – Administrator at Evergreen Estates II

Kathy’s favorite quote is “When we show our respect for other living things, they respond with respect for us” and it shows in her daily interactions with residents. She has been in the Evergreen Estates family since 1992 and was initially interested in working in a residential care facility because her grandmother did when she was a child. “I remember spending the day at work with her on many occasions. I always looked forward to the time and enjoyed visiting with people while I was there,” Kathy says.